London: Markov Networks for Free Improvisers

Delighted to be involved in “Markov Networks for Free Improvisers” at the New River Studios, London on 4th September 2016.
Led by my talented PhD student Stefano Kalonaris “Markov Networks for Free Improvisers is a model of musical interaction that is situated between the study of dynamical networks, decision theory, and free improvisation. This work sets to acknowledge the symbiosis of indeterminacy and self-structuring modalities within complex interactions of agency, identity and belief”.

Alo Allik – live coding
Tim Yates – diddley bow/objects
Franziska Schroeder – sax
Artur Vidal – sax
Tullis Rennie – trombone
Loz Speyer – trumpet
Benedict Taylor – viola
Adam Linson – double bass
Matthew Yee King – digital drums/laptop
Stefano Kalonaris – guitar/electronics



Sonoscopia, Porto

Great to hear the first bits of improvised on-goings at yesterday’s Sonoscopia festival – indeed the ‘shortest summer festival’ entitled “Noise” which celebrates, organised noise, underground and DIY culture.

Set in a quaint, almost covert, building in Porto in Rua da Prelada (No.33 – yes, you need to ring the doorbell to gain access!), the collective of artists has an incredibly beautiful set-up, with lots of outdoor space where listeners can chill on hammocks and cushions, several performance areas plus office space and kitchen facilities.
Sonoscopia is a platform for producing, creating, and promoting sound based projects; they research sound in its widest sense while linking with other disciplines including visual arts, literature, dance and theatre.

At yesterday’s “Noise” festival vegetarian cooking, steak sandwiches, lots of chilled beers and experimental drinks accompanied this varied programme of sounds and electronics:
17:00 – Preto Marfim (pt)
17:30 – Rui Faustino & Shadow Man & Pedro Branco (pt)
18:00 – Ricardo Webbens (pt)
18:30 – Bezbog (pt)
19:00 – Alexandre Soares & Pedro Oliveira (pt)
20:00 – Rita Braga (pt)
20:30 – Sukitoa O Namau (fr)
21:00 – Marcelo dos Reis & Luís Vicente & Onno Govaert & Kristjan Martinsson (pt/nl/is)
21:30 – Artur Vidal (es)

Although a beer swimming pool had been aimed for (!), plenty of  artists’ tables with cassette tapes, drawings, T-shirts alongside a great BBQ, golf clubs and a highly interested music crowd, listening attentively throughout, made up for it.