Peniche at MIA

At the end of September I had the great pleasure to speak to Paulo Chagas (see his video interview on the Video Tab). Paulo and Fernando started what has become quite an iconic music encounter in Portugal – the MIA Festival (Encontro de Música Improvisada de Atouguia da Baleia).
It’s an annual meeting place for improvisers from Portugal – and from abroad – and musicians play with loads of different players over two days. The idea is to mix and match, to find new players, new ideas, to have great food and wine and to enjoy listening to musicians from different backgrounds and different ages.

When we met in September I heard their Sexteto Criativo in the beautiful chapel ‘Capela de Stª Bárbara in the Fortaleza de Peniche’.
Players included:

Maria do Mar – violino
Helena Espvall – violoncelo
Paulo Duarte – guitarra eléctrica
Paulo Chagas – flauta e oboé
Paulo Galão – clarinetes soprano e baixo
Fernando Simões – trombone

IRCAM Symposium on Notation

I had the pleasure joining Thor Magnusson and many others on Thor’s AHRC funded project “Sonic Writing“. Several of us met at IRCAM in Paris 22-23 September 2016.

I gave a brief talk on “The absence of notation“, and you can see the other presentations online, too.
Jonathan Impett, Ryan Ross, Alice Eldrige and myself performed a short version of Pedro Rebelo’s graphic piece called “Cipher”. Performance video is on the IRCAM site as well.