Please find below video interviews carried out with several Portuguese improvisers during a short ethnographic study between Sept – Dec 2016, and continued with a few during the summer of 2017.
Please accept my apologies to those improvisers who I haven’t been able to include. This list of video interviews is in no way representative of ALL improvisers working in Lisbon today, but in the short amount of time I have had, I think I managed to speak to close to 80% of the musicians that continuously are being referred to by others musicians as improvisers in Portugal.
All videos are edited to about 10-12mins and I am hoping to represent a mix of the diverse musicians, curators and record labels currently working and living in Portugal.


Luís Fernandes. Electronics. Artistic Director of gnrations, Braga 2017


Curators/Writers/Producers in Lisbon

Pedro Costa. Director of Clean Feed, Parede 2016

Madalena Matoso. Curator at SMUP / Parede, Lisbon 2016

Rui Eduardo Paes. Journalist / Curator  / Music Critic, Lisbon 2016

Ernesto Rodrigues. Founder of Creative Sources Label, Violinist and Improviser, Lisbon 2016 (currently in Portuguese, but translated subtitles will follow soon!)

Improvisers in Lisbon

Pedro Sousa. Saxophonist, Lisbon 2017

Bernardo Álvares. Curator at Zaratan, Lisbon 2016

Rodrigo Amado. Saxophonist, Lisbon 2016

Diana Combo. Drummer, Lisbon 2016

Gabriel Ferrandini. Drummer, Lisbon 2016

Joana Guerra. Cellist, Lisbon 2016

Ricardo Jacinto. Cellist, Lisbon 2016

Luis Lopes. Guitarist, Lisbon 2016

Marie da Rocha, Lisbon 2016

Maria do Mar. Violinist, Lisbon 2016

David Maranha. Organist, Lisbon 2016

Ulrich Mitzlaff. Cellist, Lisbon 2016

Miguel Mira. Cellist, Lisbon 2016

Nuno Morão. Drummer, Lisbon 2016

Bruno Parrinha. Reeds, Lisbon 2016

Maria Radich, Lisbon 2016 (In Portuguese with English subtitles – please note that this is not a literally word for word translation, but is meant to give the overall idea of the content)

Nuno Torres. Saxophonist, Lisbon 2016

Luís Vicente. Trumpeter, Lisbon 2016

Carlos Zingaro. Violinist, Lisbon 2016

To follow, as interviews have either been done or are lined up:

Ernesto Rodrigues – edit in progress

Tiago Morais Morgado – to follow in 2017

Miguel Azguime – to follow in 2017

Hopefully also with Victor Rua and with people based at Salão Brazil, Coimbra

Improvisers and Curators in Porto

Gustavo Costa. Sonoscopia

João Martins. Sonoscopia

João Ricardo. Sonoscopia

Jonathan Saldanha. SOOPA

Alberto Lopes. Sonoscopia

Filipe Silva. SOOPA

Favela Discos. Porto

Henrique Fernandes

Improviser in Montemor-o-Novo

Tiago Fróis and João Sofio. Cultural Association, Montemor-O-Novo

Improvisers and Curators in Peniche

Fernando Simões. Peniche 2016

Paulo Chagas. Peniche 2016